Become a Compost Partner

Joe's Organics offers licensed compost collection services to Austin restaurants and businesses. We drop off bins for your food scraps and collect them each week to compost on the farm - it couldn't be easier! We're Austin's Food Recycler. Call Joe to get started at 512-537-3993.

Call 512-537-3993 or email today to go Zero Waste with Joe's Organics!

Go Green

We love farm-to-table. Why not turn it into farm-to-table-to-farm? We want to make Austin a more sustainable city by keeping food waste out of the landfills!

Save Money

Cheaper than the dumpster! Our compost bins are usually 20-50% less than landfill collection, which could save your business hundreds of dollars each year.

Why Use Compost?

It's Easy!

Joe provides a free waste audit for all new Compost Partners, as well as staff training and signage for your business. Consulting services also available for compliance with  the Austin Zero Waste Ordinance.

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants

Compost adds valuable nutrients and organic matter back into your soil, producing healthier and higher-yielding plants! Compost is a slow-release, all natural fertilizer great for lawns, gardens and potted plants.

Better Soil Structure
Good compost is a highly absorptive material. This is great for your soils as it both increases water capacity and decreases erosion! When you add compost to your garden, you are also adding millions of beneficial microbes, which will continue to break down organics into more nutrients for your soil.

Environmentally Friendly

From the EPA: "When food goes to the landfill, it’s similar to tying food in a plastic bag. The nutrients in the food never return to the soil. The wasted food rots and produces methane gas. Methane is a strong greenhouse gas with more than 21 times the global warming potential compared to carbon dioxide." Here at Joe's Organics, we think that your food is much better used to make compost, which in turn is used to grow more food!

100% Urban Hillbilly Approved!

No Commitment

Compost Partners are given a free two-week trial of our organics collection services!